Insert line breaks in long character strings. Useful if you want to wordwrap labels / titles for plots or tables.

word_wrap(labels, wrap, linesep = NULL)



Label(s) as character string, where a line break should be inserted. Several strings may be passed as vector (see 'Examples').


Maximum amount of chars per line (i.e. line length). If wrap = Inf or wrap = 0, no word wrap will be performed (i.e. labels will be returned as is).


By default, this argument is NULL and a regular new line string ("\n") is used. For HTML-purposes, for instance, linesep could be "<br>".


New label(s) with line breaks inserted at every wrap's position.


word_wrap(c("A very long string", "And another even longer string!"), 10)
#> [1] "A very\nlong\nstring"                "And\nanother\neven\nlonger\nstring!"

message(word_wrap("Much too long string for just one line!", 15))
#> Much too long
#> string for just
#> one line!