Compute the design effect (also called Variance Inflation Factor) for mixed models with two-level design.

design_effect(n, icc = 0.05)



Average number of observations per grouping cluster (i.e. level-2 unit).


Assumed intraclass correlation coefficient for multilevel-model.


The design effect (Variance Inflation Factor) for the two-level model.


The formula for the design effect is simply (1 + (n - 1) * icc).


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# Design effect for two-level model with 30 observations per
# cluster group (level-2 unit) and an assumed intraclass
# correlation coefficient of 0.05.
design_effect(n = 30)
#> [1] 2.45

# Design effect for two-level model with 24 observation per cluster
# group and an assumed intraclass correlation coefficient of 0.2.
design_effect(n = 24, icc = 0.2)
#> [1] 5.6